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Eryn Fiondella joined Branding Arc in 2018 from an extensive career in special education and compliance management, managing compliance requirements for the 10th largest public school district in the US. Since joining Branding Arc, Eryn has worked in a variety of roles, starting with Content Creator through her current position as Vice President of Creative. In this role, she is responsible for the staffing, organization, and other creative operations within the Company. Steering the company’s team of engaging content creators and collaborating with all the Branding Arc departments (including SEO, web development, and graphic design), Eryn coordinates the development and deployment of creative campaigns over print and digital media channels including client websites, online reputation management, social media, and other marketing needs. More recently, Eryn is also a Co-Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Receivables Info, the online news media source that provides a voice to high-quality debt buyers, collection agencies, law firms, and industry veterans to share information about their businesses and their place within the marketplace and the community.

As an Exceptional Student Education Coordinator for nearly 18 years and special education teacher for 3 years prior, Eryn dedicated 21 years to implementing all processes required for federal compliance of FTE, managing audit data, and overseeing the implementation of multiple district, state, and federal rules and regulations governing special education including IDEA, ADA, and more. Eryn has a deep-rooted passion for compliance and a zeal for the interpersonal communication and conflict-resolution aspects of her position. She successfully built long-term, positive relationships between peers, families, agencies, & schools that promoted deep-rooted trust while managing compliance and continuing to teach part-time in various K-12 special education and adult education roles throughout the years. 

Eryn graduated from the University of North Florida with her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Exceptional Student Education and currently holds three active Florida Professional Educator Certifications. She is a Certified Receivables Compliance Professional (CRCP) with Receivables Management Association International (RMAI) and a certified Stress & Rescue Diver with Scuba Schools International (SSI).

Eryn is a decades-long volunteer and supporter of Best Buddies International and the Diocese of Palm Beach and is also a founding member of the Blue Heron Bridge Society. In her personal time, she is an avid reader, scuba diver, cat lover, board gamer, and traveler. She enjoys attending live sporting events and, being a former musician member and instructor, is also a lifelong fan of Drum Corps International (DCI). Of her many interests and hobbies, her favorite is finding adventure and creating memories with her husband and son, family, and friends.

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