Money Chat Consumer Resources

Receivables Management Association International

The Consumer Resources section of provides important information and tools to assist consumers in making informed financial decisions and taking control of your finances. It also offers material to defend against fraud and ID Theft.

Free Credit

This free service provided by Experian provides consumers with an easy way to access their own credit report and score. Consumers can access this service every 30 days to see changes to their credit report, as well as tips for improving their score.

Ask Dr. Debt

Ask Dr. Debt is a free question and answer resource provided by ACA International. This website enables consumers to ask questions about credit, collections and consumer’s rights. Answers to questions are published to assist others in similar circumstances. This free service does not sell any financial products, and provides relevant information based on the experience of other consumers.

My Money.Gov

This financial education resource provided by the federal government offers consumers facts and tools to help improve their financial situation. These resources include well-regarded information broken down into what is known as the “MyMoney Five” – earn, borrow, save & invest, spend and protect.