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Handling the Influx of Post-COVID Accounts
Will Be Like Drinking from a Firehose

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Webinar on December 15th, 2020 at Noon ET

COVID-19 is causing changes within our economic environment that is expected to include a wave of distressed accounts in 2021. The pandemic has had an effect on the collections industry with an expected rise in charge-offs and account collectability

This webinar discusses strategies that originating creditors, debt buyers, collection agencies and law firms use to prepare themselves to increase recovery capacity and optimize efficiency. The speakers will discuss items each company should have in their “toolbox” going forward. Participants will have the opportunity to explore new data sources and hear about identified trends while preparing their strategies for 2021. 

Join Recovery Decision Science and Oliver Technology Corporation to learn more about how they are helping debt collectors apply advanced analytics to predict consumer debt repayment and efficiently scale their litigation strategy to meet increased demand while maintaining rigorous compliance.


Chief Operating Officer
Recovery Decision Science & Unifund

Unifund is a top debt buyer in the U.S. market for almost 35 years. Using Recovery Decision Science data analytics to drive their internal decision making and master servicing platform for major banks.

Chief Executive Officer
Oliver Technology Corporation

Oliver is a revolutionary collections litigation platform that consolidates data collection, orchestrates team collaboration, and accelerates litigation strategies with unprecedented automation, compliance and oversight.

President-Elect / Receivables Management Association International

A serial entrepreneur in the receivables management industry for over 15 years including debt buyers, marketing, news, and other firms. Current President-Election of the Receivables Management Association International.

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