Adam Parks Presents at DBA International 2015 Annual Conference

Adam Parks Presents at DBA International 2015

ComplyARM is proud to announce that Partner Adam Parks will be presenting a session at the DBA International 2015 Annual Conference at Aria Hotel in Las Vegas, NV on Thursday February 5th, 2015. As an organization, we committed ourselves to assisting the DBA International with their mission in 2014 and we are excited to be continuing engagement into 2015.

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Compliance and Reputation Management

The conference presentation tentatively titled Compliance and Reputation Management will be presented by Mr. Adam Parks Partner at ComplyARM, Aristotle Sangalang President of The Bureaus, Inc. and Lee Brockett Managing Member of Cascade Receivables Management, LLC. Each presenter has extensive experience managing accounts receivable management, compliance at the executive and manager levels and each is tasked with the management of their organization’s reputation management initiatives.

The presentation will focus on the experiences that each organization has faced in terms of compliance and reputation management. Common problems will be presented, followed by a discussion of the solutions used to meet the challenge and achieve the desired results. Some of the topics to be included will be:

  • Online Compliance Tools – A discussion of tools for managing compliance digitally.
  • Website Essentials – Simple tools and add-ons your website could use to improve compliance and online reputation.
  • Search Engine Reputation Management –  Discussion about how search engines work and how to manage your company and personal search results.

“My co-presenters and I are looking forward to the opportunity to present our experiences to the conference” said Partner, Adam Parks. “I have personally been focused on compliance and reputation management initiatives for many debt buyer clients, and I am looking forward to providing some information for other members to consider” he continued.

DBA International 18th Annual Conference

The DBA International annual conference brings together over 1,200 attendees and showcasing over 130 exhibit booths. The conference provides abundant networking opportunities with key participants in the debt buying industry, including many of the major creditors and international members. The annual DBA International conference is often referred to by industry participants as the years most valuable face-to-face networking opportunity.

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