ComplyARM Dashboard Launches New Tools for All Users

Dashboard Launches New Tools for All Users

ComplyARM is proud to announce a new enhancement to our system that has been rolled out to all users free of charge. Since initially launching the system to the public in early February, we have been collecting feedback from users and working to further enhancement the system to improve workflows, reporting, and other system functions.

Dashboard Enhancements Spring 15′

This latest enhancement to Dashboard includes many different major and minor enhancements including:

User Timeout Management

Users had reported that they would like to receive a warning notification prior to being logged out of the system for inactivity. To improve the user experience, we have added the notification and added an additional feature to automatically save the on-screen data before timing out.

Reporting & Exporting

The reporting tool in Dashboard has been enhanced to improve access to reporting information. New reports have been added for data analytics and an export feature has been added allowing Administrators to export reports to MS Excel format for additional analytics.

Dashboard Charts & Graphs

To improve the chart and graph dashboards in the system we have created multiple dashboards so Administrators can limit access to dashboard information based on the user’s job functions. By breaking down dashboards into functions like “Compliance”, “Acquisitions”, and “Assets Sales” we are able to display more relevant information about each focused job function.

New Data Fields

New fields have been added throughout the system to improve data tracking. New fields are now available under Company Profiles, Events, Acquisitions, and Asset Sales. New fields include the ability to track both original account numbers and internal account numbers among other simple changes that improve users ability to analyze and filter the data in their system.

System Notifications

As part of this most recent enhancement, we have added more automated notices to assist with workflows. New notifications include:

  • New User Notice
  • Licensing Expiration
  • Insurance Expiration
  • Certification Expiration
  • Membership Expiration

Collecting Feedback for Enhancements

Now that we have completed this round of enhancements we have begun collecting feedback for the next round. We invite all of our users to submit enhancement suggestions right here on our website: SUBMIT ENHANCEMENT SUGGESTIONS.

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