Consumer Feedback Portal now Included in ComplyARM Dashboard

Consumer Feedback Portal Now Included

ComplyARM is proud to announce the addition of the Consumer Feedback Portal as part of Dashboard subscription! The new consumer-facing compliance management tool provides our clients with a tool that can be installed into your website, allowing consumers to enter event information that is automatically imported and saved in ComplyARM Dashboard. This new tool is part of ComplyARM’s commitment to continually improving the Dashboard software offering.

What is a Consumer Feedback Portal?

ComplyARM Dashboard Consumer Feedback Portal is a cloud-based tool that looks and feels similar to the CFPB consumer portal, giving consumers a direct communication channel with the executive management and compliance team at an agency and/or debt buyer’s company. By allowing consumers to voice their concerns directly to your compliance management team, you can more quickly resolve events without interference. Consumers often complain to these agencies because they feel they have been left with no alternative but to involve a third party in order to be heard.
Consumer feedback portal

Consumer Feedback Portal Screen Shot

How Does the Consumer Feedback Portal Work?

The Consumer Feedback Portal is a series of web pages that are hosted alongside your ComplyARM Dashboard deployment in the secure Microsoft Azure Cloud. Visitors are directed from your website to the portal where they can answer some questions about their experience that helps you to identify the consumers account for investigation. Each time a consumer completes the online form, an email notification is received by your compliance team and the completed forms are automatically uploaded to your Dashboard deployment as a new event to be resolved.

Why Does My Agency/Debt Buyer Need a Portal?

The Consumer Feedback Portal gives consumers you come in contact with, an easy way to report problems with the way your business or staff is communicating with the public. Each time a consumer uses your Consumer Feedback Portal instead of filing a complaint with a consumer protection agency, you are keeping your issues private, giving you an opportunity to improve your business services without involving third parties. When handled privately, compliance events can be resolved much faster through direct communication with the consumer.

How Do We Get Started?

If your business is already using ComplyARM Dashboard, then your consumer portal is up and running! All you need to do is create links on your website to your portal so consumers can find it. Notifications for new events will be sent to any Contacts in your system where the job Function field includes “Compliance”.
If you are not currently a ComplyARM Dashboard user, contact our sales team at 561-408-0992 for more information about getting started. The new Consumer Feedback Portal is only available for organizations using ComplyARM Dashboard.
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