VP Marian Sangalang presents at ACC Conference

Conference Presentation at ACC for VP Marian Sangalang

The Bureaus, Inc. Vice President recently spoke at the annual conference for the Association of Credit Counseling Professionals. The presentation was completed in her capacity as a member of the board of directors for DBA International at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, CO during the ACCPros Conference.

The focus of the presentation was “Working with Consumers in Collections” and Marian and her co-presenters Jan Stieger, Executive Director of DBA International and Tony Pickett, Consumers Alliance Processing provided attendees with information related to the credit and collections industry.

“We were excited to provide attendees with information about the credit and collections process” said Marian. “We want to make sure that people helping consumers with their finances understand the benefits of working with the collections community to better help consumers take control of their financial life.”

Marian’s presentation included information about how to help consumers that are in the collections process. This included helping Credit Counsels understand why debt buyers might sell accounts that are making payments and what to do when a payment is sent to a previous owner of an account. The reaction from attendees validated the value this information held for them, empowering them to better assist their consumer clients.

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