Marian Sangalang Presents at Interactive Intelligence Collect2015

Marian Sangalang Presents at Interactive Intelligence Collect2015

The Bureaus, Inc. Vice President, Marian Sangalang, participated in a presentation at the Interactive Intelligence Collect2015 conference on Amelia Island near Jacksonville, FL in August 2015. Marian Sangalang was an early adopter of the Interactive Intelligence Latitude software and is an active participant in the Latitude community working to continually improve the system. Mrs Sangalang has been a participant at the Latitude conferences since 2006.

Interactive Intelligence Collect 2015

Amelia Island, Jacksonville, FL (August 2015)

“My participation this year was related to the Agency Interaction Manager (AIM) module on the Latitude platform” said Marian Sangalang after her presentation. “AIM is a tool that I use everyday and I have been looking forward to talking with others that have a vested interest in these system automations.”

Interactive Intelligence Latitude Agency Interaction Manager (AIM)

Interactive Intelligence’s Latitude platform offers users customizable automations. Using the Agency Interaction Manager (AIM) creditors and Debt Buyers are able to manage their interactions with outsourcing agencies and attorneys. The management of third party vendors can be complicated, and AIM provides enhancements to that process to improve the experience for all involved. AIM includes features like:

  • Streamlined communications
  • Inventory reconciliations
  • Automated placements/recalls
  • Complete remittance automation
  • Champion challenger management
  • Flexible account distribution
  • Powerful¬†reporting tools

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