United Debt Holding Starts Using Dashboard

United Debt Holding Starts Using Dashboard

United Debt Holding is proud to announce they have selected the ComplyARM Dashboard platform to enhance their compliance management system requirements. As part of United Debt Holding’s compliance initiative the company has decided to leverage the powerful technology behind ComplyARM Dashboard to help improve the flow of compliance related communications and create a collaborative environment with vendors to improve the customer experience.

“After evaluating several compliance management systems, we found that ComplyARM Dashboard was the most robust and secure option in the marketplace” said Executive Vice President, Darren Turco. “We continually strive to improve our business operations and ComplyARM Dashboard provides us with the tools we need to collaborate with our partners to quickly resolve any issues we may face.”

Dashboard was designed to improve compliance readiness and provide a uniform way to monitor and analyze a multitude of compliance tasks. Dashboard enables collaboration with clients, vendors, buyers and other partners through a secure online platform that integrates seamlessly with existing business systems.

“ComplyARM Dashboard is a much more efficient tool for managing compliance incidents than anything else we have used in the past” said Compliance Manager Kellie Lutzka-Boivin. “Using Dashboard has helped us to enhance the scope of our compliance efforts going beyond managing our own information. Dashboard allows us to more efficiently manage complaints, licensing, insurance and more for all of our vendors and partners.

When asked about the new relationship, ComplyARM Partner Adam Parks said, “We are very excited for an opportunity to work with the United Debt Holding team. We look forward to them, providing feedback and helping us to continue to improve our compliance management platform.

About United Debt Holding

Founded in 2008, United Debt Holding, LLC specializes in the investment and management of financial assets across the United States and Canada. Headquartered in the metro-Denver area, United Debt Holding has established a consistent performance record while focusing on compliance, risk and reputation management.

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