ComplyARM releases Stingray update

“Stingray” Offers Under the Hood Improvements

The new Stingray update is now available for all ComplyARM Dashboard users! The newest “Stingray” update for ComplyARM Dashboard includes a variety of updates to our compliance management platform. This new update includes enhancements to user functions as well as some “under the hood” refinements.

New Analytics Dashboards

Stingray includes updates to the analytics, dashboards to provide deeper analysis of trends.  We have been listening to our Users and have created/customized each dashboard based on that feedback.

Home Dashboard

The home dashboard is the first thing you see when you access ComplyARM Dashboard and we wanted to make this space more useful. The home dashboard now includes lists of recent and upcoming activities to improve how users follow up on scheduled tasks. Home dashboard also now has a news feed pulling compliance related articles from the industries most popular news sources to help our users stay on top of the ever changing compliance environment.

Compliance Dashboard

After rearranging the Home Dashboard, we created an all new Compliance Dashboard focused on analyzing the Event records saved in Dashboard. The new Compliance Dashboard breaks down Events by 10 different criteria, including status, source, type, product, partner, investigation result, original creditor and more. The new dashboard enhances users’ ability to visualize complaint data and proactively identify trends.

CFPB Dashboard

The new CFPB Data dashboard pulls real-time information directly from the CFPB portal allowing our clients to keep their finger on the pulse of complaint data available directly from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This dashboard enables users to better understand trends that may be happening in the marketplace, outside their organization.

Asset Acquisition & Sales Dashboards

New dashboards have been added for Acquisitions and Asset Sales to help users visualize their buying and selling activities over different periods of time. Buying and selling transactions are dissected by 7 different key criteria for a better understanding of deal pipelines.

Licensing Management

The Stingray update includes major enhancements to the licensing management tool. New fields have been added to provide more ways to track your licensing, including tracking statuses, associated fees, and tools for managing initial licensing and renewals. Users can even request licensing quotes from our partner Acumen Solutions Group directly through our platform.

System Notifications

Stingray includes the enhancement of all email notifications generated by the ComplyARM Dashboard platform. System emails are now in a new responsive format improving readability on tablets and smartphones! Automated emails are now active for notifying you and your partners of important occurrences in the system.

Stingray Under the Hood

Although Stingray brings many new visible features and functions to Dashboard, about half of this update includes “under the hood” refinements to enhance the system architecture as we continue to move from our original vision of being a stand-alone system, to being an integrated platform that interconnects with any existing business systems. As a security precaution, we will not be listing out all of our under the hood security enhancements, but we are available to discuss with our clients.

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