Plaza Services, LLC launches ComplyARM Dashboard

Plaza Services Launches ComplyARM Dashboard

Plaza Services is excited to announce the launch of ComplyARM Dashboard as their new compliance management system. Dashboard, a compliance management software created by ComplyArm, is designed to address all aspects of compliance using collaborative tools for agencies, clients, and other partners to work together to maintain and resolve compliance issues. Not only does Dashboard track complaints, but it also provides vendor, licensing, certification, and insurance management. The online portal allows for the access and collection of pertinent information and consumer feedback. Tracking events and managing compliance related issues will greatly improve the consumer and client experience in addition to keeping records current.

“We were looking for a way to address our compliance needs from multiple perspectives. We knew that ComplyARM had created a software that extends further than tracking complaints and generating reports. Dashboard manages all aspects of our compliance management procedures and provides a way to work with our clients and consumers to improve communication and overall experience. We see great value in Dashboard and are looking forward to the benefits.” – Gerald Lewis

About ComplyARM

ComplyARM is a compliance management system (CMS) provider that has developed customized tools for the accounts receivable management industry. Debt buyers and collection agencies have special compliance requirements and the ComplyARM Dashboard system is designed to help them meet those needs and reduce the overwhelming workload created by the current regulatory environment.

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