National Debt Holdings Donates to Stop Abuse

National Debt Holdings Donates to Stop Abuse

National Debt Holdings’ $5,000 Donation will help Stop Abuse’s efforts to prevent child abuse

National Debt Holdings has generously donated to Stop Abuse, an organization that empowers children regarding how to recognize, prevent and talk about sexual abuse. Stop Abuse strives to prevent child abuse through education, detection, and referral as well as educate the public regarding common myths and misconceptions surrounding this silent epidemic.

Through the generosity of National Debt Holdings, Stop Abuse will be able to further their mission of teaching children how to speak up and speak out if they are being touched or approached in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable. Approximately 43 million children are survivors of Child Sexual Abuse in the USA and this number grows by about 800 plus children per day. Simon, the lead puppet in Stop Abuse’s marionette show that teaches children through songs and dialogue, imparts essential safety education with regards to sexual abuse. National Debt Holding’s donation of $5,000 will also assist in Stop Abuse’s undertaking to clear up common and dangerous public misconceptions regarding perpetrators, “stranger danger,” and victimization.

According to Board Member DJ Dozier, a former player for Penn State Football, the NFL, and the MLB, “we’ve been fighting child abuse for over 30 years.” Stop Abuse raises public awareness through media, community events, informal campaigns, legislative action, and educational programs. Dozier shared that Simon, the Spectrum puppet and his “marionette musical has educated children across the country and now there’s a book that parents can read to their kids called ‘Simon says Play It Safe.’”

About National Debt Holdings

National Debt Holdings is a receivables management firm assisting creditors with improving their cash flow performance from their account portfolios. By participating in conferences, webinars, and other live events, National Debt Holdings remains proactive and stays on the forefront of the receivables management industry. Headquartered in Miami, they strive to protect clients, partners, and service providers.

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