National Debt Holdings Understands that the Customer Experience is Key in Recovering Credit Union Accounts

National Debt Holdings Understands that the Customer Experience is Key in Recovering Credit Union Accounts

National Debt Holdings understands that the management of credit union accounts is unique from other accounts receivable and has extensive experience using strategies that protect the creditor’s brand while respecting the consumer.

What is the difference between a bank and a credit union? Simply stated, banks are for-profit organizations that pay their earnings to stockholders in the form of dividends. Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives that pay their earnings to members in the form of lower loan rates and higher savings rates. Thus, credit unions tend to have a much closer relationship with their members as their goal is to use profits to improve the financial well-being of their members and the communities they serve.

“National Debt Holdings is committed to preserving the brand and reputation of our credit union clients as well as their established community relationships,” says Jeremy Poehler, President of National Debt Holdings. “Unlike larger banks, credit unions tend to be locally rooted and NDH understands the implications and importance of maintaining our client’s good faith within their neighborhoods.”

“Our experience in respectfully managing the recovery process with credit union accounts has made us experts in this corner of our industry,” says Ricardo Davila, Vice President of Strategic Relationships at National Debt Holdings. “We know that each member is essentially a vested owner in that credit union. National Debt Holdings is well-versed in managing the recovery of these accounts while acting with special regard for our creditor partner’s reputation.”

National Debt Holdings has extensive experience with credit union core products. In particular, NDH understands the nuances of recovering delinquent credit cards, demand deposit accounts, auto and other types of consumer accounts. National Debt Holdings manages the recovery process in a professional manner that safeguards our client’s position within the community while maximizing recovery.

About National Debt Holdings

National Debt Holdings is a receivables management firm that understands the balance between maximizing recovery of accounts receivable and protecting the brand and reputation of its clients. Headquartered in Miami, NDH’s team of professionals strives to provide meaningful personal relationships and develop customized financial solutions that create success for everyone.

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