An Executive Spotlight Interview with Jeremy Poehler, CEO of National Debt Holdings

An Executive Spotlight Interview with Jeremy Poehler, CEO of National Debt Holdings

National Debt Holdings, LLC is a company built on honesty, integrity, and respect. Jeremy Poehler, CEO and Founder of National Debt Holdings, understands that there is no shortcut to success; hard work and unwavering ethics are the solid foundation for a vision and the company that grows with it. Take a moment to read our Executive Spotlight and get to know the man who started it all, Jeremy Poehler.

Q: Tell about the origins of National Debt Holdings and your inspiration behind it.

 Mr. Poehler: In 2010, I started a collection agency and began purchasing debt. Through this process, I developed relationships with several debt sellers. Eventually, I had an interest to do it myself, so I closed the collection agency and focused on debt portfolios. In 2011, National Debt Holdings was born.

 Q: How has your company vision evolved from Day one to today?

 Mr. Poehler: When we began, we were extremely small and self-funded. We were doing business with much smaller groups. Every year since 2011, we’ve grown. Throughout the years, we’ve maintained good relationships with debt buyers and debt sellers. Our focus has always been on honesty and respect. That’s how we have made steady growth, by keeping our compass steady. We are still self-funded, but we are growing.

Q: What do you see as your biggest accomplishment since you started NDH?

 Mr. Poehler: My biggest accomplishment would be our continuous growth. Every year, I do something better than the year before. It’s gratifying to see the positive results of the hard work we are doing. We aren’t done growing yet; I want to keep improving and developing.

Q: What is your favorite part of your job?

Mr. Poehler: Everything; I just love everything. I often have conversations with friends who don’t want to go to work. They dread the end of the weekend. For me, it doesn’t matter whether I am working in the office or at home, there is no part of my job that I don’t enjoy. I get excited and look forward to Mondays. I truly love everything and every day.

 Q: What currently excites you about the ARM industry?

 Mr. Poehler: It is exciting to see the growth of our industry and understand the direction where everything is going. Our industry is here to stay and so are we. We are committed to doing business in the right way; ethics, integrity, and honesty are our foundation.

Q: Where do you expect NDH to go in the next 5 years? In what ways do you expect to grow?

 Mr. Poehler: For the last 12 months, we have been devoted to direct lender relationships. In the next 5 years, we will be focusing on different asset classes and various lenders. We also want to include additional agencies for outsourcing and build additional relationships with debt buyers. We will be concentrating on extending our lender relationships.

 Q: What other CEO’s do you admire and who has inspired your work ethic?

 Mr. Poehler: I have a lot of mentors. Mainstream CEO mentors would be Mark Cuban and Markus Lemonis. Within the ARM industry, it would have to be someone I have known since before the industry, Dan Valentine and Adam March with Debt Management Partners.

 Q: What are you most proud of? What is your biggest success?

 Mr. Poehler: My biggest success is where I am currently and the direction I’m moving. My family didn’t go to college and neither did I. In fact, I didn’t finish high school.  I just worked very hard. I was raised with an incredibly strong work ethic. My upbringing combined with my vision got me to where I am right now. And the fact that I’ve done it without the additional education is gratifying. Most people have degrees, but I am successful regardless. I am really proud of that.

 Q: What was the best piece of advice you have received?

 Mr. Poehler: Just work hard. Don’t stop working, even during hard times. Push through.

 Q: What is the best book you’ve read this year?

 Mr. Poehler: This year I enjoyed reading “Unshakeable,” by Tony Robbins. His books are always an inspirational boost for me. However, one of the best authors I’ve ever read, and someone who inspires me, is Ryan Blair. How he was able to turn his life around and rise from nothing to something is inspirational. His book, “Rock Bottom to Rock Star: Lessons from the Business School of Hard Knocks,” really spoke to me. He persevered and turned his life around from being a gang member to becoming a multi-millionaire.

About Jeremy Poehler

Jeremy Poehler is the CEO and Founder of National Debt Holdings. Focused on building deeper relationships with creditors and service providers, Mr. Poehler built NDH with an infrastructure of honesty, integrity, and respect. Jeremy Poehler has led National Debt Holdings since its inception and continued its annual progression of steady growth.

About National Debt Holdings

National Debt Holdings is a receivables management firm. By participating in conferences, webinars, and live events, NDH stays on the cutting edge of the accounts receivable industry to outperform competitors and protect clients, partners, and service providers. National Debt Holdings assists creditors with improving their cash flow performance from account portfolios. NDH is headquartered in Miami.

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