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Provana LLC announces the acquisition of Surefire Data Solutions

February 24, 2020 | Chicago, Illinois

Provana, a leading provider of best-in-class solutions for accounts receivables management, is excited to announce its acquisition of Surefire Data Solutions. Surefire combines industry-leading compliance, advanced analytics, and proprietary software to deliver superior results and ROI for the nation’s largest credit issuers, auto finance companies, collections law firms, and agencies.

Provana, headquartered in Chicago, IL, has a global presence of over 1,400 employees and invests heavily in building intelligent solutions designed to improve compliance, operational efficiency and access to business intelligence for regulated small-medium businesses and networked enterprises.

This acquisition enables Provana to further strengthen its suite of product offerings by leveraging Surefire’s technology solutions which specialize in compliance software for data scrubbing, redaction, and indexing.

The acquisition will benefit all of Surefire’s clients, which include several of the industry’s largest financial services companies. Clients such as PRA, CarMax, and Credit Acceptance, will now have access to Provana’s powerful technology suite of compliance management, network oversight, business intelligence, consumer contact, and process automation solutions.

“I am confident that Provana’s domain-expertise and large technology team will result in further enhancements to our products as well as provide higher value to our clients. The Surefire team, led by Rick Olejnik, will work closely with the Provana team to ensure a smooth transition for our clients,” says Bill Sturm, Partner at Surefire Data Solutions.

“Provana’s focus on investing in innovative legal process automation tools and external performance management solutions is a top priority for 2020,” adds Sandeep Bhargava, CEO and Co-founder of Provana. “The stellar Surefire products and market reputation will be an important addition to our existing product suite of legal tech solutions for our clients.”

About Provana

Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Chicago, IL, Provana offers small- and mid-sized businesses and networked enterprises access to a global delivery model and cutting-edge tech-enabled solutions — including compliance management, business intelligence, consumer contact solutions, and process outsourcing & automation.

The combination of technology expertise and a large global workforce with high breadth and depth of experience makes Provana the perfect partner to help organizations increase profitability, improve performance and exceed client expectations.

About Surefire

Surefire provides innovative tech-driven data solutions that bolster compliance, analytics, and drive process automation. Surefire products help ARM industry professionals better utilize their existing data to increase revenue, collaboration and efficiency while reducing risk and improving compliance to deliver superior results and ROI for the nation’s largest credit issuers, auto companies, credit unions, and banks.

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