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Frontline Asset Strategies Adapts to the COVID-19 Work Environment

The global outbreak of COVID-19 changed the way we live and work. Frontline Asset Strategies is proud of the way we have successfully adapted to the changing environment.

The ongoing spread of COVID-19 necessitates that the Frontline Asset Strategies team works from home to continue to provide the highest quality service to our clients. However, we have fully embraced the changes and overcome the challenges that remote work has presented. Our Company has taken extensive actions to make sure that we maintain productivity for our clients while ensuring the well-being of our employees.

The Frontline Asset Strategies IT team has been instrumental in our transition to a work from home model. Quickly developing and executing our strategic response plan has ensured pre-pandemic levels of service. The IT department worked closely with each team member to guarantee proficiency with technology tools that allow each team member to better serve our customers.

Throughout the pandemic, Frontline Asset Strategies has continued to accept and remain focused on new projects and operational key performance indicators are stronger than ever. We empower our team members with real-time data to make decisions that create business growth. Throughout the time that we’ve been working remotely, our team has been streamlining communication and strengthening our responsiveness.  

Our executive team has responded quickly to the new challenges that COVID-19 brought to our workforce and has established processes to make certain that our team will emerge stronger than ever. As they respond to the changing environment that COVID-19 has created, they are effectively balancing the immediate and long-term needs of employees while consistently progressing toward company growth targets. The entire Frontline Asset Strategies team is participating in regular video conference meetings, prioritizing open communication between the executives and the team, and maintaining the consistency of expectations while continuing traditions such as awards and team interactions, even while apart. 

“Initial goals were to stay safe and connected on all fronts.” says Dan Winkler, CEO. “The health of our employees and community is always a top priority.  The team quickly focused to establish and maintain business continuity while providing a compassionate, helping hand. I am proud of the incredible flexibility, resilience, and courage our workforce has shown from adjusting business practices to supporting consumers, clients, and each other in the fluid and challenging pandemic environment.  We emphasized more than ever the importance of maintaining positive attitudes and a caring heart. The team has provided the same high levels of compliance and services that our clients expect and never lost confidence in our ability to help or the energy required to push forward together.”

Frontline Asset Strategies’ executive leadership continues to monitor COVID-19 conditions and make relevant decisions based on the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and global health officials. In the face of the continued pandemic, our top priority remains the safety of the team and maintaining commitments to clients and consumers. We are finding creative solutions to problems that arise, coming together to achieve common goals, and looking forward to the future and the exciting things on the horizon. 

For up-to-date information on COVID-19, please visit the CDC website at cdc.gov. For the latest information from Frontline Asset Strategies, please follow us on social media and visit the Frontline Asset Strategies blog. 

About Frontline Asset Strategies

Frontline Asset Strategies is a nationally licensed and bonded full-service collection agency specializing in accounts receivables management solutions that assists clients with maximizing the recovery of delinquent and non-performing accounts while delivering world-class results that exceed expectations. Frontline Asset Strategies was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Roseville, MN.

This press release courtesy of Frontline Asset Strategies.

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