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Logicoll, LLC Announces Official Launch

Logicoll, LLC is excited to announce the launch of our professional debt collection agency. Logicoll represents creditors in the resolution of outstanding consumer credit accounts. Our company provides compliant recovery solutions for organizations with outstanding receivables including major banks, credit card issuers, auto financing companies, fintech lenders, and more.

Professional Services

Logicoll helps creditors recover funds from past-due consumer credit accounts. We have carefully trained our team to ensure that we are friendly listeners, interact respectfully, and work together with consumers to find solutions. By leveraging our professional and compliant debt collection services, creditors can improve cash flow while focusing on their core business. Data security and privacy are the foundation of our business; we understand the complex legal and regulatory requirements surrounding the collections industry and adhere to the rules and regulations that govern the collection of debt. State-of-the-art technology coupled with deep industry knowledge maximizes the value of your portfolios while minimizing risk and protecting each client’s reputation.

Launching The Logicoll Website

Along with our official company launch, Logicoll is pleased to announce our brand new website. The new website is consumer-centric and easy to navigate. With expanded accessibility features and responsive design, it’s easy to get the information you need from your preferred device. The integrated accessibility tool helps to remove barriers and allows people of varying ability levels to access, easily navigate, and interact with the website. Visit Logicoll1.com to access helpful information such as:

Commitment to Excellence

The Logicoll team is committed to delivering outstanding service. We provide creditors with the people, processes, and technology they need to recover past due accounts while protecting their brand and treating their consumers with respect.

Contacting the Logicoll Team

The Logicoll team is ready to help you. If you have questions, want to learn more about our services, need help with making a payment, or have a concern regarding your account, please call 888-541-0963 or email [email protected]. We are available to assist you Monday through Thursday from 8am-8pm, and Friday from 8am-5pm Central Time.

About Logicoll, LLC

Headquartered in Lombard, IL, Logicoll is a professional debt collection agency representing creditors in the resolution of outstanding consumer credit accounts. They bring creditors and consumers together to resolve past due accounts. Logicoll provides creditors with the people, processes, and technology needed to navigate the recovery process while maximizing value, minimizing risk, and treating consumers with respect.

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