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Learn More About Northwood Asset Management Group

Northwood Asset Management Group is a professional debt collection agency located in Williamsville, NY. They provide reliable debt collection services to creditors who are seeking to find favorable resolutions to outstanding consumer accounts. In order to help you research this company and learn more about its services, employment opportunities, and consumer resources, we have compiled their official online profiles into one easy-to-read guide.


Glassdoor profiles provide information about employment opportunities with a company as well as reviews from current employees. Collections Specialists seeking careers in the Western New York area can apply to be a member of the NAMG team through current job listings on Glassdoor.


Learn more about working with Northwood Asset Management on Indeed. Potential applicants can locate information such as salary information, employee reviews, interview information, and more.

Better Business Bureau

Northwood Asset Management Group is listed with the Better Business Bureau. Based on their history of complaint resolution, this company appears to be committed to resolving consumer concerns and makes every good faith effort to resolve complaints.


Find important company information on Northwood’s official Crunchbase profile. Visitors can learn about the Company’s operations, location, team, and more.


Yelp features crowd-sourced reviews and business information. Get contact information, hours of operation, and more on the Northwood Asset Yelp page.


Follow NAMG on Facebook for links to recent articles, important consumer resources, and company announcements.


The company’s official LinkedIn profile is a great way to stay up-to-date on important industry updates, company announcements, and more. Connect with Northwood to be one of the first to receive important news.


For a more in-depth explanation of who Northwood Asset Management Group is and what they do, Northwood maintains a YouTube Channel where they post original videos on topics such as making a payment to their company and consumer resources that they provide. These easily accessible videos can help consumers develop a better understanding of company processes and resources that may be difficult to grasp with text alone.

More information about Northwood Asset Management Group can be found on their website.

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