CRS and DCS Conferences Are Back in 2022 – With New Ownership and a New Vision

Mark Naiman to step down as President of Absolute Resolutions Corporation.

SAN DIEGO, CA- After 20 successful years at Absolute Resolutions Corporation, Mark Naiman has announced that he, along with two partners, have acquired two premiere industry trade conferences – Collection and Recovery Solutions (also known as “CRS”) as well as Debt Connection Symposium (known to industry insiders as “DCS”) as well as all intellectual property surrounding these well-known events. CRS and DCS have been staples in the accounts receivables management (“ARM”) space for over 20 years and Mark is excited to build upon the existing foundation of the shows – to new markets, new originators and to dive deep into the wonderful world of fintech.

Mark and his team are taking the torch from Judy Hammond, who after 35 years of commitment to the industry, which includes co-founding the Debt Buyers Association (now known as RMAi) and many instrumental industry events, is excited about the future potential for these events.

“I am absolutely delighted to be able to pass this torch to my friend and industry veteran Mark Naiman and his partners. I know Mark and his team will do great justice to the work that we started, and we’ll be working collaboratively throughout the year to ensure a seamless transition, great shows, and wonderful attendee experiences,” said Judy.

Mark was a co-founder of Absolute Resolutions Corporation (“ARC”), an industry leading purchaser of distressed consumer receivables. Mark will step down as President of ARC to transition to his new role over the next 60 days.

“I have attended almost every conference that Judy has been involved in. When presented with the opportunity to continue the legacy and brands that she created, I felt honored. It is exciting to capitalize on new networking opportunities, emerging technologies, and to enhance an unmatched onsite educational experience. CRS and DCS will remain unique shows – distinct from other industry events. Making this decision was a huge step for me. Leaving behind the company that I founded was only possible with the entrepreneurial blessing that my business partners bestowed – allowing me to consciously uncouple from my role at ARC,” shared Mark.

During his tenure with ARC, Mark helped guide its growth from a small five person company slowly transitioning it into one of the largest privately held debt purchasers in the United States.

“Any company is better with Mark Naiman,” said Chris Winkler ARC’s CEO,  “When Mark and I first started talking about this potential project in late 2021, I knew that this moment was something of a cross-roads event – not just for ARC and Mark individually, but also representative of the changing post COVID environment. I’ve never seen a more unique personality aligning with a more unique opportunity within the space. The partners here at ARC will all be sad to see Mark leave the company, as he is a valued member of the management team, but we are all excited to see what comes next for him on this new journey. “

Mark is joined by ARM and fintech legal expert, Dara Tarkowski, Managing Partner at Actuate Law, LLC and host of the Tech on Reg podcast, as well as banking and fintech industry veteran Randy Rivera, Executive Director of FinTEx. “I could not be more excited to be on this journey with Mark and Randy. Mark was one of my first friends when I entered the ARM industry. He was a wealth of insight, a mentor, and I am giddy to now call him my partner. We are committed to bringing the best and most innovative content and attendee experiences to the industry,” said Dara.  Randy shared, “These shows are ready to expand to new and emerging markets and tackle topics that we have yet to explore in the industry – think Web 3, digital identity, blockchain and much more.”

This year, for CRS, the team will be partnering with Alloy Labs Alliance, a consortium of over 40 community banks driving innovation, to hold its member meeting in connection with CRS. “We are excited to partner with Dara, Randy and Mark to unite two significant communities in the financial services industry and look forward to continued collaboration,” said Jason Henrichs, CEO of Alloy Labs Alliance.

The CRS conference will be held at the Four Seasons in LV Nevada May 25th-27th. To learn more, email [email protected].

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