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Cortney Osborne with Digital Recognition Nework (DRN) featured on Executive Spotlight

“As Chief Client Officer at DRN Data, I am responsible for our client relationships as well as the inside and outside sales teams. DRN Data offers products for auto finance, investigators, claims and insurance underwriting, stolen vehicles and fraud, retail marketing and crime. MVTrac, our sister company, facilitates skip and vehicle recovery. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Motorola, we are also able to offer the latest hardware for the cameras and technology to support these verticals.”

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Name: Cortney Osborne

Title: Chief Client Officer at DRN Data

“I am not young enough to know everything.”– Oscar Wilde

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Name: Cortney Osborne

Title: Chief Client Officer at DRN Data

“I am not young enough to know everything.”– Oscar Wilde

What is your favorite part of working at Digital Recognition Network?

Coming from the recovery space—which is very slow to change—it has been a breath of fresh air to work with such a progressive company. DRN has the ability to constantly evolve and implement customer feedback. The entire team invests in making the best product possible.

In the receivables industry, what emerging trend has your attention?

Like all of us, I have been watching the fintech trend for all loan servicing, but I’ve also observed that one positive to come out of the past couple of years is the improved transparency of fees and terms for customers and the industry.

What industry change do you predict over the next 5 years?

The auto finance industry has been waiting for the expected wave of delinquencies to hit. With numerous publishing sources showing rates tracking at 2019 levels, it is just a matter of months now. I foresee there being an even greater need for intuitive analytics to assess risk and provide AI solutions to locate customers and find vehicles systemically rather than with legacy techniques like cold calls or click searches. I am excited to see DRN Data’s new platform in action, reducing charge-offs at pre-pandemic volumes for our clients.

How do you define success?

I define success as living an existence that is honest with yourself. Living others’ versions of success will always leave you unhappy and unfulfilled.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received in life?

Bad things will happen in life, even to good people. It is how we take something that has happened to us and change it into something good that happens to others that matters.

What advice would you give someone entering the receivables management industry?

I have met such welcoming people and leaders in this industry. So many executives are willing to mentor and share if you are willing to listen. 

What are you most proud of, or what is your biggest accomplishment?

My brilliant daughter. She is already the funniest person I know.

What is your favorite book or podcast?

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

If you could do any other non-industry job for just one day, what would it be?

I would run a restaurant. My passion lies in everything food.

People would be surprised if they knew…

I run a rescue farm on the side with my husband, featuring a hodgepodge of farm animals including llamas and a donkey.

About DRN

Digital Recognition Network (DRN) provides vehicle location data and analytics for Financial Services, Insurance, and Auto Recovery clients to help optimize their portfolios, reduce losses, detect fraud, and manage risk. Our vehicle location data and analytics are new alternative data and insights that clients can’t get anywhere else. Over 1,000 clients rely on DRN data and technology to find vehicles faster, drive decisions, lower risk and increase revenue.

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