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Leah Ferrell with Branding Arc featured on Executive Spotlight

In her role at Branding Arc, Leah Ferrell is responsible for planning, directing, coordinating, and overseeing operations activities within the organization. She also fulfills Human Resources, Client Relations and Accounting responsibilities.

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Name: Leah Ferrell

Company: Branding Arc

Title: Vice President of Operations

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.” – Tony Robbins

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Name: Leah Ferrell

Company: Branding Arc

Title: Vice President of Operations

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.” – Tony Robbins

What is your favorite part of working at Branding Arc?

Our team. They are one of a kind, and I feel so lucky to work with people who truly want the best for me and are committed to our team’s success.

In the receivables industry, what emerging trend has your attention?

There’s a trend toward better humanizing employee and consumer experiences. Business is business, but I appreciate being part of the emerging trend to demonstrate that it can be done with integrity and respect while providing good jobs and a positive presence in the community. 

What industry change do you predict over the next 5 years?

I think similar to how fintechs have shaken up the legacy creditor space, technology will continue to shake up the legacy collections space. Along with this will be more young leaders and a rising generation of new, innovative ideas. 

How do you define success?

Staying true to your goals and beliefs and not altering to live up to anyone else’s standards. Setting goals, taking action, and getting better every day is success.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received in life?

Look at the good things in life and never dwell on the negative. I believe that every experience I have had has led me to where I am today. If something negative happens, something positive will come from it.

What advice would you give someone entering the receivables management industry?

Listen more than you speak. You don’t always have to have an answer. So many industry vets are willing to help mentor new people, which has had a huge impact on me. 

What are you most proud of or what is your biggest accomplishment?

I’m proud and thankful for where I am today at 27. I have a job that I love, a beautiful home and a husband that supports all of my crazy ideas— whether it be a house project, learning Spanish, or real estate investing. I love learning new things!

What is your favorite book or podcast?

Receivables Roundtable, of course! And I love listening to various podcasts about wellness and success. I am currently loving the Real Estate Rookie Podcast

If you could do any other non-industry job for just one day, what would it be?

Something physical and hands-on like firefighting or law enforcement. My husband is a Police Sergeant and on SWAT. I have a lot of respect for anyone in public service who puts others’ needs before their own and risks their lives daily. 

People would be surprised if they knew…

My absolute favorite thing to do whether I am in a grocery store or walking down the street, is chasing down an older gentleman wearing a Veteran hat and thanking him for his service. The surprise and genuine smile that spreads across their face every time is always worth it.

About Branding Arc

Located in Port Saint Lucie, FL, Branding Arc is a full-service marketing agency focused on providing website, marketing, and reputation management services to the receivables management and financial services industries. The team is composed of communications and branding experts who listen to clients’ visions, learn their stories, and apply that understanding to help each client position their brand, find new customers, and manage their online reputation. Branding Arc customizes each client engagement ranging from simple one-time projects to marketing department outsourcing, adeptly handling creative direction, graphic design, programming, and project management. By closely monitoring the marketplace and competition, the team identifies trends and leverages opportunities that drive bottom-line revenue for clients.

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