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Consumer Self-Service Portal Released

MENLO PARK, CA – Latitude by Genesys announces the release of its new customizable consumer portal for use in the latest version of the Latitude by Genesys platform known as “Liquid Latitude.” Latitude is continuously innovating new ways to assist clients with online consumer interactions in Liquid Latitude and the consumer portal is the next step in the ongoing development of cutting-edge integrated tools. The portal connects directly with the Liquid Latitude databases and is fully customizable and configurable. 

Driven by Liquid Latitude Database

The new Liquid Latitude consumer self-service portal connects directly with the system and is driven by client/portfolio rules already in Latitude. Those same rules also drive online and phone agent engagements. All activity is tracked within the portal, so if a consumer logs on, makes a payment, etc. those details are displayed immediately within the full account record, making auditing a cinch and enabling phone agents access to real-time information. 

Customizable Functionality

The consumer self-service portal has deep functionality, with the option to choose the available self-service options integrated into the consumer interface. The portal offers the ability for consumers to easily set up/manage payment plans, update their information, and upload documents. Any media uploaded through the portal is immediately available in the Liquid Latitude system of record. 

Configurable Controls

The client side of the portal allows granular control over what the consumer sees and the options available to the consumer. The portal can also be branded with client logos and colors. Clients can accept payments as well as easily manage required consumer authentication. 

Integrated Suite of Technology

For current Liquid Latitude users, this is an integration you won’t want to miss. For our potential and future customers, this is another reason to consider swapping ad hoc solutions with the Genesys suite of integrated products for a more seamless and efficient operational experience

Contact Cris Bjelajac, Line of Business Owner for Latitude by Genesys, to make a connection or explore a potential partnership. We look forward to having a conversation about the context and needs of your business and how we can help save money, improve operations, and better serve your clients and consumers.

About Latitude by Genesys

Latitude by Genesys® is a comprehensive debt collection and recovery solution for managing all pre- and post-charge-off accounts and workflow processes. It provides collectors and agents with the tools to manage the debt collection and recovery process and provides full functionality for the collector’s or agent’s desktop and deploys as a true zero-footprint, browser-based environment. Since 1996, Latitude’s focus has been to provide the most forward-thinking, attractive solution to the business needs of different people and companies in the accounts receivable management (ARM) space. Acquired by Genesys in 2016, Latitude is continually growing, innovating, and reshaping the technology expectations and customer experiences of ARM companies and their consumers.

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