Who We Are

The ReceivablesInfo.com team is led by receivables management industry veterans who wanted to create a website for the industry, by the industry. Our goal is to provide a voice to high-quality debt buyers, collection agencies, law firms, and industry veterans to share information about their businesses and their place within the marketplace and the community.

Our website is designed to provide relevant news alerts, articles, videos, and other receivables-related information to our partners, friends, and colleagues around the industry and the globe.

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How We Create News

As active participants of receivables management firms, we frequently attend industry events, visit offices around the globe, and engage in advocacy efforts. Our goal is to write and share industry-related content that originates from our extensive experiences and daily activities in various roles within receivables firms.

We invite companies and individuals from around the receivables management industry to submit content for publishing. We do this to assist our friends and colleagues and provide information that may be relevant to their businesses. We love sharing content that highlights community involvement, and we encourage firms to submit articles, pictures, and videos of their charitable efforts.

Why We Do It

We understand that receivables management is an integral part of the credit cycle and the economy, and we want to help share this awareness with the world. “Debt collection” professionals are often vilified in the media, but we know that the people involved are kind, caring, and compassionate. We created Receivablesinfo.com to provide a fair and balanced perspective on current events as well as provide a platform for industry professionals to share their news.

We hope you enjoy the content we create and invite you to submit your original content for publication on our website, social media channels, and/or video series.

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