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Adam Parks has become a voice for the receivables management industry. With almost 20 years working in debt portfolio purchasing, debt sales, consulting, and the development of technology systems, Adam now produces industry news hosting hundreds of Receivables Roundtable podcasts and manages branding, websites, and marketing for over 100 companies within the industry.

Adam has held various positions within the industry, including Past President of Receivables Management Association International (RMAI), Co-Founder of Stirling Capital Management, Co-Founder of ComplyARM, CEO & Founder of Receivables Info, and CEO & Founder of Branding Arc, which have given him a broad set of experiences and deep relationships across the industry.

Outside of his professional life, Adam is an avid scuba diver, active with military special forces charities, and enjoys traveling the world.


Branding Arc is a marketing firm dedicated to communication solutions for the receivables management industry. As CEO, my responsibilities include driving the creative aspects of the marketing deliverables we create for our clients. My time with Branding Arc is spent helping our team understand the nuances of our clients’ unique needs and finding creative ways to help debt buyers, collection agencies, collection law firms and creditors to communicate their messages. More than 10 years after founding the company, we support more than 130 websites and consulting for more than 30 marketing clients in the receivables space.


Receivables Info is an industry news and information source providing its audience with information about the receivables management industry. As Founder, my time with the company is focused on steering the strategic vision of the organization and to work with our team to produce high-quality content that is interesting and valuable to our audience. As part of that effort, I frequently host video and podcast series including; Receivables Roundtable, 5-Minute Pitch, Why We Go or one of the many webinars we produce. Working with Receivables Info is my opportunity to create great content for a great industry.


ComplyARM was a compliance consulting firm that was focused on helping debt buyers, collection agencies, creditors and law firms address compliance needs. Starting with the drafting of hyper-detailed policies and procedures, ComplyARM quickly moved into creating a software platform to assist receivables firms with the complex web of information that needed to be tracked and managed after the beginning of the CFPB. My role with the company as Founder was to bring together our team and drive the strategic vision of the organization through collaboration with our customers. The business was sold in 2019.

Name – Adam Parks
Company Branding Arc

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