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Jager Robinson came to Branding Arc with four years of experience working in journalism in South Dakota for the Tri-State Neighbor, an agricultural newspaper covering South Dakota, southwestern Minnesota, northwestern Iowa and northeastern Nebraska. Jager has spent time working as a reporter, editor, copy editor, layout specialist, and researcher during his time with the newspaper. 

Jager grew up in Westchester, New York – just 40 miles north of New York City – and graduated from Stony Brook University on Long Island in 2013 with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. During his time at university, Jager reported on every industry from local businesses to the national research lab at Brookhaven National Laboratory. His experience in journalism, and unique background with various industries, gives him a head start in providing a fresh look at the Accounts Receivable Management industry. Together with the Branding Arc content team, Jager will be looking at ways to provide not only a new voice for the industry, but ways for consumers and businesses alike to share their perspectives, stories, and opportunities in the industry. 

Outside of work, Jager spends his time exploring new places and finding the best ways to be active. Whether it’s hiking, playing pick-up games, or heading to the climbing gym, Jager looks for ways to be outdoors. When being at work or being outside doesn’t take up too much of his time, Jager relaxes by reading, playing video games, and watching movies. 

Jager also spent time volunteering at the Sioux Falls Humane Society in South Dakota to walk dogs, socialize with cats and help the staff with any cleanup needed in the kennels. Jager found his cat Smush at the same humane society while socializing with the older cats that had been there for extended periods of time.

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