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Ryan Kazmark has been with P&B Capital Group since 2004. He oversees the operations for the RMAI Certified Receivables Business as it handles receivables and collections for several elite non-originating creditors, financial institutions, and niche companies nationwide. 

Ryan served as Staff Sergeant in the US Army in the 82nd Airborne Division (38A SOF Airborne). After two years, he transitioned to the US Army Reserve and completed his B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. He then completed his MBA with a Business/Finance concentration. 

He gained management and sales experience over several years with well-known consumer finance companies, including Wells Fargo and Capital One. After retiring from the Reserve, he invested his focus in helping to build P&B into a successful company. 

Ryan is also a Managing Partner for Landmark Strategy Group, a purchaser of non-performing credit card, auto deficiency, mortgage loan, revolving or installment loan, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy receivables portfolios. 

About P&B Capital Group, LLC

P&B Capital Group, LLC is a nationally licensed, third-party collection agency that services non-performing accounts receivable and loan portfolios with compliance, transparency, and respect. We help consumers understand and resolve their financial obligations while providing improved cash flow for our creditor clients. P&B Capital Group is headquartered in West Seneca, NY.

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