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Scott A. Renner is a founding attorney at Velo Law Office, a collection agency and law firm in one, headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is licensed to practice in Michigan, Montana, Indiana, and Ohio. Scott graduated from Michigan State University College of Law in 2009 with a Juris Doctor, and Michigan State University with a BA in Marketing. 

Scott was selected to Rising Stars for 2019 by Super Lawyers and served two terms as President of the Michigan Association of Collection Agencies from 2015-2016 and 2022-2024, a unit of ACA International. Scott has appeared on the industry podcast, Receivables Roundtable (episode 143, “Intersection of Technology and Collections Law”). He is a Certified Receivables Compliance Professional with Receivables Management Association International. 

Upon meeting Scott, one may find that he often refers to himself simply as a debt collector. He attended law school to pursue collections law, knowing he wanted to integrate his business and technology interests with his law practice. Scott knew that the receivables industry was heavily business-focused and ripe for the application of evolving technologies and increased efficiencies, both of which have been the focus of Velo Law from its inception. 

Scott and the Velo Law team built the business with two important factors ever-present on their minds: an overwhelming commitment to being organized as a business and a willingness to invest in and commit to learning different areas of technology that could be integrated into the business. He believes strongly that investing in people and in technology are critical for maximizing operational efficiency and establishing long-term sustainability as a business.

Scott is active in the community through support of endeavors such as The Movember Foundation and United Paw Fund, a charitable initiative Scott & his wife founded to assist families with critical veterinary care for their beloved pets when faced with financially straining circumstances. By partnering with local veterinary clinics and professionals, the fund offers a lifeline to families who face difficult decisions due to limited resources.

About Velo Law

Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Velo Law assists financial institutions looking to collect overdue debts from both legal and standard collection strategies. By focusing on the bottom line, we combine innovative collection techniques and aggressive litigation with practical attention to financial concerns and return on investment. Our collection matters are supervised by experienced attorneys and utilize every resource to provide the highest level of recovery.

Name – Scott A. Renner
Company Velo Law

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