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We are a cloud-based contact software provider founded by former collection agency owners. Our founders saw an opportunity to create an advanced and more powerful dialer then what was available on the market. Our first product, a broadcast dialer, is now used by over 250 collection agencies. We went on to develop a TCPA compliant manual dialing solution and an office phone system that is equally powerful and easy to use.

Our ultimate goal is to make the interaction between agencies and consumers as pleasant as possible by pioneering software that is fast, easy to use and accessible.

About Our Broadcast Dialer

Our perspective as former collection agency owners gives us the ability to design a broadcast dialer that is easy to use with features we know are important to agency owners.

Live monitoring, custom messaging, SIP to SIP linkback, CRM integration, voice broadcasting and more on a simple interface keeps agencies productive. In one case, an agency saw its profits skyrocket from $7,000 to $20,000 in the month they switched.

About Our Business Phone System

We offer a cloud-based VoIP business phone system that relies on our own network of Tier 1 carriers.

With extensions starting at $19.99 per extension and unlimited minutes, it makes sense why businesses choose to switch. We also designed an intuitive interface with hosted PBX capabilities that allow you to design the most efficient call routing strategy for your business, not someone else’s. We help you set up the optimal strategy from start to finish.

About Our TCPA Compliant Manual Dialing Solution

We know the TCPA can be draining for agencies, so we designed the only TCPA compliant outbound dialing solution that’s removed the 3-second pause and added 3 levels of human intervention to every dial.

We offer a 7-day trial of Click so you can experience its ease of use and boost to productivity.