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  • Who Is Beam Software?

    Beam Software understands that people in the receivables management business need a broad array of tools. We also realize that the more time you spend managing your software, the less time you have to manage your business. Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, Beam Software is a leading provider of collection and portfolio management software for creditors, debt buyers, and collection agencies. We help our clients improve the effectiveness of their debt collection processes and increase collection revenue through BEAM, our collection software platform.

    BEAM meets the unique compliance requirements that collection businesses demand and provides a reliable and innovative system of record solution. Our software helps mitigate risk and maximize efficiency while our professional services team continually provides best-in-class support for our clients. Beam Software is a member of Receivables Management Association International (RMAI) and ACA International.

  • Benefits of BEAM

    BEAM was designed to manage the sophisticated requirements for outsourcing inventory to multiple third parties. We have created a suite of tools that increases productivity and helps organizations stay ahead of ongoing compliance requirements. From our integrated data service channels to our automated SFTP utilities, BEAM provides the much needed features that simplify business processes and ensure data integrity and security.

  • Software for Debt Collection

    BEAM is a sophisticated debt collection software solution for any receivables management firm, including debt buyers, creditors, and collection agencies. Using our secure data connection tools, we help you to easily create placements, manage account balances, and analyze data for your collection agency and law firm networks. Our platform includes the features, functionality, and security that receivables businesses need to streamline processes and increase profitability.

  • Our Reliable and Secure Hosting Options

    Because BEAM is hosted collection software you no longer need to pay for IT infrastructure or the personnel to maintain it. BEAM is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud affording our clients proven control over data security, availability, and confidentiality. Azure cloud hosting meets the most stringent certifications and attestations including ISO, SOC, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and FedRAMP.

    BEAM can restrict user access to certain apps, features, and data fields. BEAM’s IP Whitelisting provides an additional layer of system security. We employ comprehensive data encryption methods giving you the compliance and security that your business demands.

  • Known For Our Best-In-Class Customer Support

    We assign every BEAM client a Dedicated Success Representative (DSR) who learns about the client’s business and their unique organizational needs. When questions or concerns arise, clients can reach us by phone, email, or our comprehensive support ticket system that allows you to monitor the progress of your specific issue.

  • Take A Tour

    For more than a decade, Beam Software has been creating and refining our software to include the essential tools that help receivables management firms create success. Contact us for a tour of our platform today.