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Who Is Velo Law Office?

Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Velo Law Office is a key organization for creditors seeking to recover overdue debts in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Montana. Their approach seamlessly integrates innovative collection techniques and aggressive litigation with a practical focus on financial concerns. Dedicated to optimizing creditor assistance, Velo Law ensures transparency, honesty, and the highest recovery levels. Every collection matter is meticulously supervised by experienced attorneys, utilizing a strategic blend of resources to meet client objectives. 

Our Mission

Velo was established specifically for creditors’ rights law and has been consciously developed around streamlined efficiencies from the beginning. Velo focuses on three specific areas to encourage the deployment and application of automation and technology—Engineered efficiency, Consistent Quality, and Tailored Flexibility. 

Memberships, Certifications, and Accreditations 

Velo Law Office is a member of various legal associations and holds accreditations that demonstrate their commitment to excellence in the legal profession. These memberships and accreditations highlight the firm’s dedication to upholding the highest standards of legal service. Specifically, Velo is a member of RMAI, ACA International, the National Creditors Bar Association, and the Michigan Creditors Bar Association. You can find information about the firm on each of these organization’s websites. 

Our Services

Velo Law is a creditors’ rights/collection law firm that practices across multiple states including Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Montana. Velo represents clients in federal and state courts providing collection, litigation, and claims recovery legal services for consumer and commercial receivables.

Velo Law also provides in-house collections services, allowing comprehensive collections and legal services in one for streamlined and optimized strategy. Specifically, Velo specializes in pre-Collection/Early-Out, Traditional Collections, and Legal Collections. For Creditors Rights cases, Velo Law specializes in creditor bankruptcy cases, along with Replevin, Evictions, and Foreclosures. Velo’s advanced Creditor’s Rights case history is in part due to their multiple proprietary data sources for internal skip tracing. These tools help to fill the common data gaps that can delay processes and reduce strategic effectiveness.

Career Opportunities with Velo Law Office

Velo Law has a team of 60 plus staff and occasionally has openings. The team maintains a steady workflow providing comprehensive collection and recovery services for creditor clients of a wide variety including healthcare providers, landlords, property owners/managers, banks, fintech lenders, auto finance companies, and more. If you’re looking for a career with Velo Law, please visit their website at

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As a creditors’ rights firm, Velo Law Office has built a comprehensive LinkedIn presence to help with news, contact information, and more. Connect with Velo Law Office on LinkedIn, where they maintain an active presence to share updates and legal insights. Following Velo Law Office on LinkedIn will keep you informed about their latest news and legal tips.

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