Receivables Info Submission Guidelines

Original Content

Types of content Receivables Info is looking to feature (published examples are linked):

  1. Relevant News Stories – Posts featuring new products, services, developments, trends, and events within the Accounts Receivable Management industry.
  2. Executive Announcements – Posts that directly feature an individual or business that is impacting the future of the Accounts Receivable Management industry. These posts must contain original angles and feature a newsworthy impact on the industry.
  3. Company News – Features that highlight any company development that impacts how they serve the ARM community. Whether it be certifications, acquisitions, expansions, or more.
  4. Community Involvement – posts that highlight and feature the positive impact that ARM industry individuals and businesses are creating in the community with event participation, volunteerism, charitable donations, etc.
  5. Helpful Industry Information and Expertise – Analysis of specific industry terms, definitions, or anything related to the industry that would help readers understand current market trends while describing best practices to follow.

Articles or blog posts submitted to Receivables Info should be informative by nature, written with the receivables management industry in mind, and be original. Posts should aim to assist both industry leaders and customers alike in their understanding of the accounts receivable industry and compliance within the industry.

With an ever-changing industry, we encourage posts to be relevant to current market trends and feature both data (with references) and quotes from various expert sources. Expert sources include attorneys, advocates, industry association leaders, and government representatives that work within the Accounts Receivable Management industry. The content provided should cover any of the categories mentioned above and be based upon actual experience and knowledge – not opinions, recommendations, or information from unsubstantiated third-party sources. Content should always be timely and relevant to current events, trends, and developments in the ARM industry.

Writing Style and Formatting

Articles should use an active voice and be succinct with straightforward language and vocabulary. Subheadings should be used to break up longer content. Write out any acronyms that are used and explain industry vernacular to make the content more accessible to all readers. See additional information below in the submission guidelines.

Content Purpose and Goal

Receivables Info posts are intended solely to discuss conditions, trends, and information regarding the accounts receivable management industry. The purpose of these posts is not to encourage policy or actions on future engagement with members of the industry. Content that can be interpreted as harmfully targeting, limiting, or interfering with the operation of a business is strictly prohibited. Also, content should not be written in a manner that can be construed as legal advice.

Event Submissions

If you would like to submit your ARM industry-related event for publication on our website, we request that you do so through our online event submission form at Receivables Info does not guarantee that all submitted events will be published, and we hold the right to edit the copy or request edits to the copy before publication.

Submission Guidelines

By submitting content and event information, you are agreeing to these contributor guidelines. By agreeing, we ask that you please honor your commitment to submit content by the deadlines discussed. Receivables Info does not guarantee that all submitted content will be published, and we hold the right to edit the copy or request edits to the copy before publication.

Blog post guidelines:

  1. Post length: 500 – 750 words
  2. Submit blog posts in a Microsoft Word document. Single-spaced with minimal formatting is best for easy blog placement. Please include an “About The Company” section at the bottom of every post
  3. Submit the contributor name, title, company name, email address, and phone number along with the Word document
  4. Embed hyperlinks in the Word document and provide the link URLs
  5. Hyperlink references so readers can easily find the sourced materials
  6. Submit a 50-75 word author biography
  7. Any accompanying photos (such as headshots) need to be submitted in jpeg format with high resolution. Images should be emailed at the same time as the Word Document.

If you have additional questions about submitting content to Receivables Info, please email [email protected]

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