Connect1 announces that all broker services will be powered by Debtfolio

Connect1, Business Consultants specializing in accounts receivable, technology, customer care and call center management, is proud to announce that, effective October1,2022, all broker services will be powered by Debtfolio! The entire sales process can now be managed from start to finish with powerful software that creates consistent and easy file mapping, an audited and controlled bidding process, document retention and retrieval, chain of title, and de-duplication processes all in one platform.

Debtfolio was built with security and scalability on the latest cloud technologies from AWS. Designed for growth, the system seamlessly manages any volume of records, documents, and media, allowing customers to focus on their business instead of system and processing issues. Debtfolio is HIPAA-ready and conforms to stringent CIS and AWS security standards. Proactive controls, monitoring and alerting ensure customers’ data is continually protected. All data is encrypted in flight and at rest using AES-256 encryption standards.

Connect1 has more than 65 years of combined industry experience in BPO, collections and recovery management, debt portfolio sales, capital raise, analytics, fraud prevention, data security, technology, compliance. Working with Fortune 500 companies across several verticals including financial, healthcare, communications, cable, and retail has given them a broad view of the best practices and products for each sector.

“Debtfolio is a game changer in the sale of portfolios and is a complement to all the other services Connect1 has to offer”, say partners, Bob & Nancy

Connect 1 is currently seeking interested companies to preview and implement Debtfolio.

Please contact Bob Picone [email protected] mobile 732-600-6265 or Nancy Hughes [email protected] mobile 858-877-0551 to learn more!


Published On: October 7th, 2022|Categories: Company News|

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