Our Services

VeriFacts specializes in location services, including verifying where someone lives or where they work. We are the perfect solution for finding and validating location and employment information across all 50 states and U.S. Territories. We partner with our clients to customize a program for their unique needs while delivering outstanding customer service. Our product offerings include:

  1. Pre-Employment Screening– Delivers employee background checks to satisfy even the most stringent client requirements.
  2. Skip Tracing Budget Support– Set a monthly budget and we’ll maximize our efforts according to our best practices and scoring models.  We understand budgets might be tight right now, and we can help make the most of each client’s skip trace investment.
  3. Data Dash – Locates the most likely direct employment location with verification rates over 50%, including company name, phone, address and website returned.
  4. Active Business Scrubs– Scrub existing located places of employment to track which businesses are still active, temporarily closed, or permanently closed.  With so many fluctuations in the operational status of individual businesses over the last several months, this scrub is a handy tool to keep portfolios up to date.