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  • Who Is DRN Data?

    DRN Data is an advanced analytics platform that uses our exclusive license plate recognition data to help build the full vehicle stories our users need to solve their portfolio management, collections, recovery, and fraud challenges. DRN Data has solutions that power some of the largest industries including lending, collections, repossession, insurance, auto recall, commercial, and crime prevention & security.

  • Industry Videos and Webinars

    DRN Data works closely with industry partners to release webinars and detailed videos about who we are, how we can help, and what our strategies are. We have worked closely with Receivables Info to release several key videos including two roundtable style discussions about DRN Data, a webinar focused on improving skip tracing, and a 5-minute pitch video with Jeremiah Wheeler, DRN’s President

  • How Does DRN Data Work?

    Our vast network of license plate recognition cameras feeds an expansive database of vehicle images. Our platform of analytic solutions then uses these images to help detect fraud, reduce risk and find vehicles with more speed and accuracy than relying solely on public data. From lending to insurance to collections to repossession, DRNsights software and services bring unique insights into your customers and portfolios that can transform your business processes and drive revenue.

    DRN Data’s services include:

    • Active Duty Alerts
    • Address Decisioning, Canvassing, Vehicle Searches, Skip Traces, and Vehicle Tagging
    • Risk Scoring
    • Recall Management
    • Radius Response Detection
    • Picture Proofs
    • Loss Alerts
  • Find Out If Your Data Is Working For You

    DRN Data’s software, to date, has 20 billion confirmed vehicle sightings, led to 45,000 vehicle recoveries, and has satisfied over 1,000 clients. To discover if DRN Data’s analytics can work for you, visit our website or reach out to a member of our team to learn more

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