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  • Who Is HealthCare Associates, Inc.?

    HealthCare Associates, Inc. (HCA) is a leading provider of revenue cycle management solutions for hospitals and healthcare providers of all sizes located in Alexandria, VA. Founded in 2008, HCA has a deep understanding of the complex and intricate needs of both healthcare facilities and their patients. With decades of combined experience in patient accounting, our fully customized solutions meet each client’s unique needs and keep each organization running at optimum efficiency.

  • Our Mission

    We employ a patient-centered approach to protect our client’s reputation and deliver the highest quality customer service. Preserving patient relationships and driving revenue for our healthcare partners at the same time allows us to maintain a sensitive and compassionate approach to healthcare services.

  • The HCA Experience

    HealthCare Associates is a leading provider of fully-customized revenue cycle management solutions that include early out, insurance billing, and special projects services for hospitals and healthcare providers. Our early out service allows our highly-trained professionals to maintain your reputation and responsibility as a brand with the consumers. With our intricate insurance billing solutions, we find ways to guide consumers and maximize opportunities to collect revenue from insurance companies instead of your customers. 

    Avoiding billing headaches is our number one priority with the consumers and our experience and knowledge can help optimize both your cash flow and your billing processes. When the solutions require a deeper understanding, our special projects solution can help every provider. With customized revenue cycle projects, our team diligently works towards a resolution to preserve both the patient relationship and the core focus of your business. 

  • Why Outsource To HCA?

    Outsourcing can be a difficult decision, but the team at HealthCare Associates can make it a smooth transition. At HCA, we require that every employee must have prior hospital or physician office experience. Coupled with our increased compliance and understanding of the complex worlds of both accounts receivables and healthcare, we can seize those overlooked opportunities. We think outside the box to ensure our customized solutions meet every client’s needs.

  • Career Opportunities

    HealthCare Associates is proud of the services that we provide for our clients and the positive corporate culture that we’ve carefully developed. When open positions become available, we seek to fill them with enthusiastic and motivated individuals. Remaining at the forefront of industry technology and compliance is our mission and our regular development and training helps us maintain those rigorous standards. 

    For more information, please visit our careers webpage to view our current openings, our benefits package, and the qualities and qualifications we look for in our employees.

  • Contact Us

    For more information please visit our website and follow us on our social media profiles. Along with constant updates there, follow our news section for company updates as we explore new opportunities to help our clients grow.

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    To learn more of the HealthCare Associates difference and our story, visit us online for more information on how we can best serve you and your consumers.