Marian Sangalang joins the DBA International Legislative Fund

Marian Sangalang Joins DBA Legislative Fundraising Committee

The Bureaus, Inc. Vice President, Marian Sangalang has joined the DBA International Legislative Fundraising Committee. “Marian has been a great addition to our committee.” said co-committee member Michael Colby. “Her energy is contagious and I have really enjoyed working with her.”

“The purpose of our committee is to contact DBA members regarding donations to the Legislative Fund” said Marian Sangalang. “In the current industry environment, we need to actively participate in the legislative conversation. It’s our job to get members to participate in funding the DBA’s interactions with legislators.”

In 2013 the DBA Legislative Committee raised over $200,000 and expects to exceed that amount this year with the addition of many well-known industry participants to the committee.

What is DBA International Legislative Fund?

The DBA International Legislative Fund is funded by donations from DBA International members for the purpose of educating and interacting with state and federal legislators on the fundamentals and realities of the accounts receivable management industry.

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