Compliance is the Cornerstone of Plaza Services, LLC

Compliance is the Cornerstone of Plaza Services, LLC

As legal and regulatory compliance becomes more complex, companies have additional duties regarding the monitoring and management of internal obligations. Through the deployment of technology and a superior workforce, Plaza Services is demonstrating their commitment to exceeding compliance standards including laws and regulations that govern the ARM (accounts receivable management) industry.

Plaza Services constantly strives to create a compliance-focused workforce. Daniel Schindler, Chief Compliance Officer at Plaza Services, is committed to Plaza Services’ adherence to laws, regulatory requirements, and internal policies and procedures. Through experience, training, organizational systems, and software solutions, Plaza Services is able to structure processes and automate workflows to increase the efficiency of compliance related tasks.

To assist in the management of compliance, Plaza Services uses ComplyARM, a cutting-edge online compliance management system. ComplyARM provides a digital management system to manage and document compliance related business activities. Dashboard deeply integrates Plaza Services’ important data and tracking systems into a single platform. It also manages third party agencies and monitors their compliance to all of Plaza Services’ policies and procedures as well as applicable laws and regulatory requirements.

Plaza Services understands that a one size fits all approach is likely to hinder consumers. Instead, the company focuses on providing consumers with a positive experience that is based on greater personalization through refined data and exceptional customer service. Increasing efficiency and enhancing the customer experience reduces compliance risks and improves adherence to policies and procedures.

“Compliance is the cornerstone of our organization. Streamlining the implementation of record keeping for the efficient processing and compilation of data is key for Plaza Services,” says Gerald Lewis, President of Plaza Services. “Using state of the art technology and the strong skillsets of our employees, we uphold a structure of procedures while also maintaining a strict adherence to policies, laws, and regulations. It is our responsibility to provide full compliance to our clients and consumers and require the same level of accountability from our partner agencies.”

About Plaza Services, LLC

Plaza Services, LLC is committed to providing creditors with maximum value for receivables portfolios in a fully compliant manner. Plaza Services is an RMA Certified Debt Buyer.  The owner-led management drives quick portfolio evaluation and seamless transaction execution with clear accountability after the sale. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, the Company was founded in 2013.

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