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FCC Chairman Proposes Default Call Blocking to Combat Robocalls

In a statement released earlier today, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai announced plans for a bold declaratory ruling that would allow phone companies to block robocalls to their customers by default. Chairman Pai encouraged carriers, if the decision is adopted, “to begin providing these services by default – for free – to their current and future customers.” The details of the proposed declaratory ruling have yet to be released.

Chairman Pai also proposed a Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to create a safe harbor for calls that are blocked because they are not authenticated under the SHAKEN/STIR framework. This proposal follows an announcement earlier this week that on July 11th the FCC will convene a SHAKEN/STIR Robocall Summit to examine progress toward caller id authentication implementation and prior announcements encouraging carriers to deploy SHAKEN/STIR in 2019.

The proposed declaratory ruling will be considered at the June 6th Open Commission Meeting. Following the open meeting, the M&S team will keep you updated on relevant developments.

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This article courtesy of Mac Murray & Shuster’s TCPA Monitor Blog and was written by Michele Shuster.

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