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Three Takeaways from the COVID Crisis that Can Help Law Firms Thrive

Like most industries, the legal realm is wrestling with a “new normal” as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. And our expertise as process servers for debt collection law firms has been particularly challenged since most serves are required to be done face-to-face. Some changes are temporary, but many will bring lasting effects to the way we conduct business together.

But as our industry shifts with the ebbs and flows of this economic uncertainty, one truth remains steadfast: Crisis management and disaster prep is and will continue to be an important factor for firms. Now that many firms have had to grapple with this pandemic crisis, those firms that possess certain characteristics won’t just survive the pandemic, but they’ll gain greater takeaways for thriving on the other side.

Here are three essential elements that are crucial to help a firm thrive during any turbulent situation:

Express Understanding

Law firms that are truly successful during a crisis display empathy and understanding not just for their counterparts and staff but also for their clients and vendors alike. It doesn’t just groom a positive work environment; it means to foster a lead-by-example philosophy that trickles from the top down. When leadership can take time to understand the struggles – and victories – the firm can help drive a spirit of teamwork and productivity.

Consider all of the events happening across the firm: missed graduations, family deaths, births, vacations, illnesses, weddings, and other ceremonious events. It’s a heavy and emotional toll for many to carry, one where people may not bring the same energy or productivity as they have in the past. When leaders can show their support during these stressful times, staff feel valued, organically creating an authentic culture that is constructive and drives a spirit of teamwork.

Not just the staff, but when firms, especially debt collection firms, display this same level of empathy for their clients, they’ll be better positioned to succeed. As a firm, you’re the client’s trusted advisor. Firms should aim to listen and demonstrate a channel of communication that is humanistic and caring for their clients. Clients are looking for a caring, humanistic nature from their lawyers.

Call, don’t email.
Listen, don’t tell.

To help your company or law firm grow and thrive, try exploring a PR or marketing agency partner who can help you pivot during these changing times.

Finding Flexibility

The changes to how legal work is performed and how lawyers do their jobs during this pandemic have been substantial. There is a growing need for adaptability that will persist long after many employees return to the office and office procedures return to a familiar “normal”.

Though it can be difficult to push the lens past the short-term perspective, when firms can adapt to what’s happened and how it affects the office productivity, they’ll generally see better benefits. But that doesn’t stop at office operations. Many firms and attorneys are thriving within their work-from-home environments. Pushing past the present perspective and shifting to a long-term mindset may be difficult, but perhaps a necessary step toward fostering a successful firm.

A long-term outlook on the success of the firm generally means dedicating time toward future scenarios such as focusing on investing in necessary resources such as talent or technology, its also important to ensure any decisions in the short-term are made with consideration for the firm’s overall sustainability.

Ultimately, it comes down to flexibility. When firms can acknowledge and adapt based on a person’s unique situation, they’ll be better positioned for success.

Expertise and Leadership

Solid, effective leadership within a firm can make a world of difference during tumultuous times. Leadership should be decisive and inspire confidence. During a crisis, a hands-off approach isn’t typically an effective approach. Firms will need to take charge and demonstrate strength while trying to manage through their focus and foresight.

What’s the Best Way to Inspire Confidence?

Communication. Honest, transparent communication. While firm leaders may not have all of the answers for the future, people are still looking for them to provide direction when it comes to finances and the firm’s direction. People are generally more at ease when leadership exhibits a clear understanding of the current situation and can say, “times may be tough right now, but we’re here to help you, and here’s our firm’s direction in the time of this crisis.” This provides the firm’s staff with ease of mind when times are otherwise uncertain.

A Crisis Doesn’t Define Character, it Reveals it

If you’re looking for the silver lining, this pandemic is the kind of crisis that allows your firm to show your clients, your partners, and your law firm the leader you are. Be devoted, attentive, and prioritize the needs of the client and the firm first.

This COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly made us all rethink how we do business. Amid the uncertainty:

  • Try to stay calm.
  • Focus on the long term.
  • Try to avoid focusing only on the uncertainties.

Instead, try taking a universal view of your business and the evolving marketplace. This can help you make the right decisions during these uncertain times while trying to lift your firm up.


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