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Cassie Wright from Frontline Asset Strategies on Executive Spotlight

Cassie Wright is excited to be the new Human Resources Manager at Frontline Asset Strategies! With extensive experience across the many specializations in human resources, she has a deep-rooted enthusiasm for people, workplace culture, and fostering relationships. Learn more about her in our latest Executive Spotlight.

Title: Human Resources Manager

“Feel where your feet are planted.” – Dr. Maurice Werness.

Title: Human Resources Manager

“Feel where your feet are planted.” – Dr. Maurice Werness.

What is your role at Frontline Asset Strategies?

My responsibilities at Frontline Asset Strategies encompass the management and delivery of core HR duties to enhance efficiency and quality across the HR department. This includes performance management, employee engagement, benefits management, payroll data entry, full cycle recruiting, responding to employment verifications, onboarding tasks, maintaining HR policy/procedure, job descriptions, organizational charts, process leave notices and requests, analyzing HR systems data to support operational and workforce decisions, foster employee relations, promote company culture, and reinforce workplace culture of positivity, inclusion, cooperation, and respect. I look forward to every aspect of the HR profession, as it is truly a passion of mine.

What is your favorite part of working at Frontline Asset Strategies?

I immediately feel a sense of gratitude that makes me smile every time I walk onto the collections floor and hear the chatter of conversation. There is infectious encouragement from the supervising staff, cheers when a payment is collected, laughter following challenging calls, and a spirit of competition that motivates the team to be successful. The work environment and culture are factors that can be key to the results produced by an employer. I am dedicated to ensuring positivity within the work environment, along with constructive compliance with policy and procedures.

In the receivables industry, what emerging trend has your attention?

There is a necessity for our nation’s businesses to overcome the cash flow challenges of the global pandemic. My primary focus as it relates to this emerging trend is to support the Human Resource’s departmental goal to identify qualified representatives who have the skill set to effectively communicate with our consumers. This trajectory produces results that support our consumers’ financial goals, meet our clients’ needs, pay our employees, and meet our corporate goals.

What industry change do you predict over the 5 next years?

I expect the industry will be impacted by the continuous changes surrounding technology. Efficiency is imperative for receivables and the sufficiency for us to employ those tools is essential. With new information system developments, an opportunity may exist for us to further improve and sustain the confidential nature of consumer information. When we remain abreast of those advancements and utilize them, we have an edge over our competitors.

How do you define success?

Success is a continuous process with pinnacles of achievement. I have learned to value the achievements of not just overt academic, financial, corporate, and familial goals, but those that are intrinsic and develop my character, personality, and beliefs. It is a “journey” that is personal with profound effects on those around you and also impacts your community.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received in life?

My mother shared the advice from my great granddaddy: If something works against you, make it work for you.

What advice would you give someone entering the receivables management industry?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. The slightest bit of knowledge can improve your performance and contribute to the overall success of the company. Although you have your individual responsibilities, it is truly a team environment. If you leverage the spirit of competitiveness, it can propel you to achieve your goals.

What are you most proud of or what is your biggest accomplishment?

I have two sons, both now in college. One is in Montreal studying nursing and the other in Pennsylvania studying kinesiology. I tell them they are my heart walking outside of my chest. They bring me a tremendous amount of joy. They are my greatest accomplishment.

What is your favorite book or podcast?

The Bible is my favorite compilation of books. There is an immense amount of historical information, life inspiring chronicles, strategies for business and life challenges, verses to challenge and improve my character, beliefs, and practices. I find myself sometimes sitting for hours dissecting one scripture.

If you could do any other non-industry job for just one day, what would it be?

I really enjoy the energy that youth can bring to any environment; I love their innovation and creativity. If for one day I were in a non-industry job, it would be teaching our youth. They will one day rule this world. Why not invest in them?

People would be surprised if they knew:

I attended and graduated second in my platoon as Marine Corp Officer Candidate School Candidate the summer between my junior and senior year in college.

About Frontline Asset Strategies

Founded in 2008, Frontline Asset Strategies is a nationally licensed and bonded full-service collection agency specializing in accounts receivables management solutions that assist clients with maximizing the recovery of delinquent and nonperforming accounts. They are a Certified Receivables Business by the Receivables Management Association International and their team works with integrity and transparency to deliver positive consumer interactions that exceed expectations. Frontline has offices located  in Roseville, MN and Jacksonville, FL.

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