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ComplyARM is a compliance management system (CMS) provider that has developed customized tools for the accounts receivable management industry. Debt buyers and collection agencies have special compliance requirements and the ComplyARM Dashboard system is designed to help them meet those needs and reduce the overwhelming workload created by the current regulatory environment.

Complying with applicable laws and regulations is not just about meeting the requirements, but also includes keeping a record of conduct that can be used to demonstrate compliance during examinations. ComplyARM is an organization dedicated to providing proven systems and workflows for collection agencies and debt buyers to meet their regulatory requirements and to improve the experience for consumers.

ComplyARM’s mission is to create powerful business tools that have a direct impact on the quality of the consumer experience. ComplyARM is rooted in integrity and the commitment to assisting companies with managing and documenting their compliance-related activities. ComplyARM continual develops and enhances their products.