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Evolve Into A Customer Service Call Center From Just Collections

There are extensive regulations that govern the collections industry. Federal, state, and local regulations combine into a juggernaut of paperwork and compliance requirements. When you add an overwhelming desire to be ahead of the pack with industry-leading compliance standards from the Receivables Management Association International (RMAI) and ACA International, collections call centers are compliant beyond their intended means. 

An Economy of Scope

An economy of scope is a concept that revolves around producing one good that reduces the cost of producing a related good. In the case of our collections organization, the outstanding quality of Capital Management Services’ call center due to the regulatory pressure of the ARM industry led to the reduced cost of introducing and perfecting high-quality BPO and customer service call center services. 

Customer Service Call Center

When handling first- or third-party collections activities, extensive training must be done to ensure that the staff at a call center is well-trained and organized. Capital Management Services’ management takes regulations one step beyond standard requirements and continually sifts through the effective and ineffective activities of the staff to establish sustainable from unsustainable methods to fuel revenue growth and encourage opportunity and growth for everyone. When dealing with these highly-regulated processes, our staff’s extensive customer service training actually lends itself very well to general customer service call center activities.

We opened up a part of our business to this very lucrative avenue. Collections call centers are trained to handle business’ inbound and outbound teleservice needs including overflow customer service, payment processing, fraud processing, general account management and record maintenance, answering questions, and more. 

With one simple switch, our professional team is now ready to deliver outstanding, attentive customer service and has the ability to quickly scale to the current and ongoing needs of any business by adjusting the level and scope of services our clients require to handle any immediate overflow and long-term customer service needs.

Business Process Outsourcing

In addition to customer service call centers, Capital Management Services was primed to become the next best BPO. Business Process Outsourcing is a method of subcontracting business-related operations to a third-party vendor. As a first- or third-party collection agency, every tool, piece of equipment, and staff member is uniquely qualified to also handle BPO operations. 

BPOs often even handle special projects from other collection agencies. CMS has the immediate scalability and capacity to assist local, regional, and national organizations with their custom projects regardless of project size. Adding in our unique experience working with the national government on student loan collections, we even assist large national creditors with long-term and short-term projects conducive to more successful systems conversions, sales, acquisitions, temporary servicing needs, and more.

Shift to a More Stable, Diversified Platform

Understanding what your organization does best is vital to staying ahead and diversified. Becoming a top collection agency is about utilizing the tools at your disposal, including your well-trained staff, to provide top-tier call center services that can extend beyond collections. 

Capital Management Services’ fully scalable solutions fit with all fintech brands. While our nationally licensed professional collection agency helps provide top-tier recovery and project solutions for our clients, our services are used across the financial industry. 

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to exceeding both regulatory and client expectations while delivering superior service and results and we develop tailored strategies to suit the unique demands and goals of each portfolio or project. This wouldn’t be possible without our knowledgeable and professional approach that helps to protect our client’s brand and continues to nurture and maintain positive consumer experiences.

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About Capital Management Services

Capital Management Services LP is a nationally licensed collection agency headquartered in Buffalo, NY that provides the highest quality of proven recovery and project solutions across the financial industry. We maintain our reputation as a proven leader and performer through our attention to detail and tailoring our strategies to meet the unique needs of each portfolio or project. We are proud of our ability to consistently surpass all industry standards for quality and provide outstanding services that add strategic value to every client partnership.

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