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  • Who is Genesys?

    Every year, Genesys® orchestrates more than 70 billion remarkable customer experiences for organizations in more than 100 countries. Through the power of our cloud, digital and AI technologies, organizations can realize Experience as a Service℠, our vision for empathetic customer experiences at scale. With Genesys, organizations have the power to deliver proactive, predictive, and hyper personalized experiences to deepen their customer connection across every marketing, sales, and service moment on any channel, while also improving employee productivity and engagement. By transforming back-office technology to a modern revenue velocity engine Genesys enables true intimacy at scale to foster customer trust and loyalty.

  • Who Is Latitude by Genesys?

    Since 1996, Latitude’s focus has been to provide the most forward-thinking, attractive solution to the business needs of different people and companies in the accounts receivable management (ARM) space. Since our acquisition by Genesys in 2016, Latitude’s roadmap for the future continues to be bright. We’re growing, innovating, and reshaping the technology expectations and customer experiences of ARM companies and their consumers.

  • What is the Latitude by Genesys Solution?

    Latitude by Genesys® is a comprehensive debt collection and recovery solution for managing all pre- and post-charge-off accounts and workflow processes. It provides collectors and agents with the tools to manage the debt collection and recovery process and provides full functionality for the collector’s or agent’s desktop and deploys as a true zero-footprint, browser-based environment.

  • Who Uses Latitude by Genesys?

    Latitude by Genesys is a highly automated, enterprise collections platform designed to handle anything. From student loans to overdue credit card payments, first-party creditors, debt buyers and collections agencies can easily manage all phases of the debt lifecycle. Latitude by Genesys resolves gaps in functionality while reducing the pressure on your agents and increasing recovery rates.

    The Latitude by Genesys collections solution has comprehensive debt collection and recovery capabilities for managing all pre- and post-charge-off accounts and workflow processes. It provides collectors and agents with the tools to manage the debt collection and recovery process. It also provides supervisors, managers, administrators, and support staff with the tools to manage Latitude by Genesys.

  • How Can I Use the Platform?

    With Latitude by Genesys, you can seamlessly optimize your agent resources, increase data quality and mitigate loss. Assess how your collections processes are performing across email, SMS, IVR and live agents. Then make strategic decisions based on insights, including managing account assignment, optimizing ROI and streamlining processes.

    With the appropriate permissions, you can use Latitude by Genesys to:

    • Maintain account and contact information.
    • Track account activities.
    • Record account notes.
    • Set account reminders and follow-up dates.
    • Schedule and process payments.
    • Connect to a predictive dialer program to facilitate working accounts.

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